Online booking solution for booking Tours, Attractions, Activities.

Our centralized booking system will connect with online users, agents and manage your tours and transport business.

Tours & Activity Operators

Use Pixobooking a user centric connected travel platform to manage your tour and activity operations.

Online Booking Software

Pixobooking opens your business upto a range of opportunities, the inbuild front end has a userfriendly UI which can be configured and customised to give the user the best experience and for the tour operators configure it to their design principles.

Agent Management

Companies can create their own agents and can set up negotiated rates for each booking based on type and payment menthod.

The #1 tour and activity booking software for tour operators – Maximise your potential

Pixobooking is so much more than a booking software, it is a integrated all -in -one platform to   seamlessly run and grow every aspect of your activity business. Streamline your tour operations and achieve sales growth.




Streamline Your Tour and Activity Business

Access your reservation system anywhere at any time

Online booking Software for all types of products

Very easy set-up and integration with your website

Integrated Agent Login system

Customizable theme design

UI design to enhance customer experience

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Get more bookings and Increase customer satisfaction with Pixo Booking

Sell your tours and activities on your website and manage your resources. Add value to your tour packages with add-ons and enjoy full control over your sales. Streamline your business operations, manage your bookings, your resources, and your team.

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Why choose Pixo booking?

Pixo Booking is designed to achieve growth in your online bookings enhance your operational efficiency of how you manage your tours, team, resources and schedule. Our end-to-end tour management software can help you save time, get connected and grow your business.

Bus tour with return

Provides customers the tour packages with a return date, boarding points and drop points

Schedule calendar

Displays bookings in a daily, weekly, and monthly view

Business Intelligence

Inbuild dashboard to display revenue and key KPI for the business

Agent desk

Companies can create their agents and can also provide negotiated rates for each booking.

Customization of pick-ups and drop points

Boarding and drop points can be personalized by customers

Resource Management

For tour operators’ managements of their fleet of vehicle and share resources function is available with this software.

Booking fee

Provide an opportunity for businesses to customize their booking fee on each order.

Turn your website into your most effective sales channel

To boost revenue, run promotional offers, upsell customers with add-ons or package your tours to create unique and attractive experiences.

It's also easier than ever to monitor your sales performance with our reporting tools.

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Reservations are fueling your business. That's what we get.

That’s why everything we do here at Pixobooking is centered on making a difference you:

Get more bookings

Offer a better customer experience

Customization of different products

Save time

Clear knowledge of report and statistical information

Sub Features

A booking solution for the tour and activities market

Visual calendar

Access your reservation system anywhere at any time

Advanced reporting

Passenger manifest

Real Time availability

Customizable theme design

Automatic and manual booking Confirmation

Accept payments via any devices

Custom reports

Payment gateway

User friendly platform

E-Ticket confirmation after each booking

Support for promo codes and special discounts

Monthly booking wise dashboard

Reporting & statistics

See a summary of recent and upcoming events.

Agent Resource availability Calendar

Agent Customizable dashboard

Book Now Buttons

Accept online bookings and make your website your strongest sales channel.

Website Builder

Build a booking-optimized website that looks great on any device.

Resource Management

For tour operators’ managements of their fleet of vehicle and share resources function is available with this software.

Payment Gateway

We have inbuild payment gateway for your use, we can also integrate payment gateway of your choice for tour & activity company.